About Us

The Pico Players is an amateur symphony orchestra based in central London

The Orchestra

The orchestra was founded in April 2014 by keen amateur musicians Rosie Wintour and Patrick Massey. Since then the group has grown regularly to become a full sized symphony orchestra, with the aim of performing at least three concerts a year.

Players are required to have reached Grade 8 level at some point, but no auditions are held. The primary aim of the orchestra is to provide a friendly atmosphere in which players can enjoy performing orchestral music at a high standard. We are particularly delighted that many of our members have picked up their instruments after months (even years) of collecting dust/rust! Other members play in several ensembles and the Pico Players is just one string to their bow.

Current repertoire ranges from classical to late romantic works. This will remain the orchestra’s focus, though as it develops the repertoire will naturally expand to cover more contemporary genres.



Since we started we have raised over £54,000 for various charities including: Music for Youth, Live Music Now and The Robes Project.  If you would like to recommend a charity please do contact us.

The Pico Players is a registered charity, number: 1163760


The Conductors

Patrick Massey

Patrick is the orchestra’s principal conductor. He played the piano and the violin from an early age and studied music at Cambridge University.  After university he converted to law and he currently works as a solicitor for Macquarie Bank.  He remains a keen amateur musician, both performing and composing.  In seasons when he's not conducting you'll find Paddy playing his violin with the mighty second violins.  

Will Hooker

Will is the orchestra's multi-talented cellist-conductor.  Ringmaster of rhythm, bastion of the beat, Will listens to Holst in 7/8 while he sleeps.  Will achieved the status of conducting legend when appearing at the head of the orchestra on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and charmed over 10 million viewers at once.  Afterwards he said, "It was fun. No, there's been no fan-mail".  Yet.  






Rehearsal venue

St Michael's Church
Chester Square
Victoria, London


Rehearsal Hours

Mondays 7.30pm–9.30pm